Flour Style Wok Budapest

authentic Chinese cuisine

Our family has been living for decades in Hungary, Budapest. We went to several Chinese restaurant, but none of the dishes could approach the flavors of home. This homesick has grown into a bold idea, we collected own family recipes and we opened a Chinese restaurant. It is essential for us respect for traditions, so the Wok Bar’s equipment, atmosphere and cuisine is offered by us, are all in the spirit of the Chinese culture.

We happily talk about our recipes, our family stories. It’s a pleasure to us introduce the Chinese traditions and the country’s foods.

Flour Style Wok Bar – Best Wok in Budapest

WokBar Budapest
WokBar Budapest
WokBar Budapest

Our dishes

The world of Chinese cuisine is very diverse and varied. The recipes are part of the family legacy. In Europe a large number of Chinese restaurants, fast food restaurants opened in recent decades, but only a few offer authentic Chinese cuisine. Our Wok Bar considers its responsibility to show for guests new and unknown dishes, breaking away from the well-known fast food.

We offer the classic fried noodles, a special Chinese soup: the ramen, a rarity: the hakao and also a variety of wok dishes.

Try some authentic cuisine in China, without having to leave the city of Budapest!

Best Wok Bar in Budapest

We believe in the promotion of Chinese cuisine, in traditional recipes and ingredients and in authentic environment.

1053 Múzeum körút 39., Budapest

The restaurant is located right next to the Kálvin Square.

+36 30 210 2836

For reservation or for information, feel free to call us!

Open: 10:00-22:00

Whether for lunch or dinner come to us, you are welcome to our restaurant!

In our restaurant, our guests can discover the flavors of China, its typical spices, ingredients and culture. Thanks to the show kitchen everyone can enjoy the experience of cooking!

All spices comes from China, we are working with family-recipes, so feel free to recommend dishes to those who like to taste the flavors of the east, without wanting to board a plane.

Our Wok Restaurant in the downtown of Budapest, close to Kálvin Square, is a perfect place for a quick lunch with friends or with the loved one and also for for an intimate dinner.