Flour Style Wok Budapest

authentic Chinese cuisine

Our Budapest Wok restaurant is designed to introduce to the guests the traditional Chinese cuisine and the culture of the country. Our guests can try our authentic dishes like the ramen, the hakao, the fried dumplings, the fried noodles and the popular rice noodle soup. The Flour Style Wok welcomes all visitors who would like to taste the classic flavors of China, without leaving Budapest!


The dishes of our restaurant are made exclusively on the basis of the original recipes, and this is true for the Hakao as well.


The Chinese fried noodles is one of the most popular oriental, chinese dishes, Its simplicity hides many potential.


This is the name of a the famous Chinese soup, you can taste in our restaurant the roast beef, the duck meat and seafood version also.

Flour Style Wok Bar – Best Wok in Budapest

What they say about us

Nagyon jó volt a ramen! Köszönjük szépen, épp erre volt szükségünk egy hosszú utazás után, nagyon finom volt a husi, a tészta, a leves, csak így tovább! Biztosan sokat látogatunk még titeket a férjemmel (és a barátokkal).


Őszintén sohasem voltam nagyon oda a kínai konyháért, de miután egyszer nálatok ettem megváltozott a véleményem. Minden fogás isteni, de nekem a hakao a kedvencem!


Mindig, amikor betérek hozzátok nosztalgikus érzés fog el, hiszen több évet éltem Kínában. A berendezés, az ételek és az egész hangulat egszerűen csillagos ötös!


All our food is prepared on the spot, from original recipes, authentic and fresh ingredients.

Best Wok Bar in Budapest

We believe in the promotion of Chinese cuisine, in traditional recipes and ingredients and in authentic environment.

1053 Múzeum körút 39., Budapest

The restaurant is located right next to the Kálvin Square.

+36 30 210 2836

For reservation or for information, feel free to call us!

Open: 10:00-22:00

Whether for lunch or dinner come to us, you are welcome to our restaurant!

In our restaurant, our guests can discover the flavors of China, its typical spices, ingredients and culture. Thanks to the show kitchen everyone can enjoy the experience of cooking!

All spices comes from China, we are working with family-recipes, so feel free to recommend dishes to those who like to taste the flavors of the east, without wanting to board a plane.

Our Wok Restaurant in the downtown of Budapest, close to Kálvin Square, is a perfect place for a quick lunch with friends or with the loved one and also for for an intimate dinner.

Flour Style Wok Bar – 1053 Múzeum körút 39., Budapest

Flour Style Wok Bar

1053 Múzeum körút 39.

Public transport: with the No. 3, the No. 4 and the No. 2 subway and bus No. 9 is easy to reach us. The restaurant is just 5 minutes walk from the Astoria Station, and is just a few steps away from the Kalvin Station, is located opposite the National Museum.